I support individuals and organizations in their growth and expansion. Together we uncover and capitalize on previously unseen opportunities.


Advancing Women


Opportunities are all around us

Today, women have more opportunities than ever before. Yet current educational systems and societal criterion often prevent us from being able to readily identify and powerfully capitalize on those opportunities. Experienced as a keynote or workshop, participants are given tools to identify, seize and create opportunities for empowerment and advancement.


Difference is power

"I believe that the 21st century is the century of the multi facetted woman, she is empowered, fun, warm, decisive, action driven and a builder of communities. She is a mother, daughter, sister as well as an innovator, professional or business leader. This is the century when we reach our full potential and make the world a more abundant place." - Yomi Abiola

Through de-mystifying media industry secrets and perpetuated stereotypes, this workshop supports participants in regaining confidence in themselves and their individuality. Participants are shown how to create, see and experience their unique difference as power.



As our culture becomes increasingly competitive and harsh on women, trainings on leadership and female cooperation are essential. Participants are led through a workshop that introduces and demonstrates The 4 D’s (Determination, Discovery, Development and Distinction) as the cornerstones for creating tomorrow’s female leaders. The outcomes of this workshop are an understanding of positive dynamics within a team, a strengthened and empowered relationship between young women, an ability to build powerful and effective female teams and communities and an ability to self-empower whilst empowering others.

This forum is geared towards women who are committed to living with power and meaning, enjoy building teams and communities and desire to make a difference for themselves and others.


Diversity & Integration


Yomi Abiola takes you on an expansive journey through a society that is becoming more digital, global and diverse. There are more alternatives on how to conduct business than ever before and competition has never been so dense. This is an exciting yet challenging opportunity for people and businesses navigating an ever changing market place.

Through her organizations The Fem League and Stand Up For Fashion, Yomi has mapped out key practices and beliefs needed to be a powerful and inclusive leader. She continues to practice and master this skill set through serving as a coach, journalist and public speaker. The core skills Yomi practices and teaches are:

  • The model of explore, understand, integrate

  • The use of values as a driving force

  • The ability to empower self and others

  • The growth potential in cultural understanding

  • The necessity of diversity, inclusion and integration

These are the competitive skills that promise to catapult tomorrows leaders in to success. In her dynamic and engaging manner, Yomi presents a wealth of knowledge in her keynotes and workshops.