The curious you - Tomorrow's leader

Yomi Abiola takes you on an expansive journey through a society that is becoming more digital, global and diverse. There are more alternatives on how to conduct business than ever before and competition has never been so dense. This is an exciting yet challenging opportunity for people and businesses navigating an ever changing market place.

Through her organizations The Fem League and Stand Up For Fashion, Yomi has mapped out key practices and beliefs needed to be a powerful and inclusive leader. She continues to practice and master this skill set through serving as a coach journalist and public speaker. The core beliefs Yomi practices and teaches are:

The power of curiosity

The use of values as a driving force

The skill of storytelling

The ability to empower self and others

The growth potential in cultural understanding

The necessity of diversity, inclusion and integration.

These are the competitive skills that promise to catapult tomorrows leaders successfully. In her dynamic and engaging manner, Yomi presents a wealth of knowledge in her keynotes and workshops.