"True power appreciates with time; my purpose is to support women in accessing that power." - Yomi Abiola

Yomi Abiola is a Social Entrepreneur, journalist and thought leader. At the core of Yomi's work is diversity, inclusion and female empowerment. As an international speaker, Yomi has presented at Harvard, Yale, MIT, the United Nations and TED. Yomi's commitment to change was born from watching her father's political journey. MKO Abiola was the first man to win a free and fair election in Nigeria.

As a Change Agent, Yomi focuses on the empowerment and advancement of women and girls. She is committed to preparing women to identify and cease opportunities for exponential growth. Yomi is the founder of Stand Up For Fashion (STUFF), a global platform that promotes social accountability and responsibility in the fashion industry. Most recently, Yomi has founded The Fem League, a media platform and incubator that provides an alternative uplifting perspective for women globally. She is a graduate of both Columbia School of Journalism and Sciences Politiques Paris. She currently serves as an associate to the UNESCO Chair for human rights as well as an MIT Legatum Catalyst. She is an editor at Vogue Italia online.